Every year on September 21, thousands of people around the world come together for one cause:

To make our planet a cleaner, and more beautiful place 🌍

Posted by Martinha Bacêlo on November 02, 2019 | Reading time 3 minutes

World Clean Up Day!

In celebration of this date, the Simplify Lite team met, and during Saturday morning cleaned the Azenhas beach in Gaia, leaving that space even more beautiful.

It's amazing to see how a small group of people can, with such a simple gesture make a difference.In our team, we believe that if each one makes a small action the big changes will be achieved.

We may not be able to travel to the other side of the globe and put out devastating forest fires, or save a plastic trapped animal in a distant sea, but we can make a difference every day and take a step towards the ecological and climate revolution that we are experiencing.

It’s up to each of us as inhabitants of this planet to take care of it and to ensure that future generations can also enjoy the wonders it provides us.

Simplify Lite's mission is simple: to bring together knowledge and innovative technologies and put them at the service of people and the planet.

Simplify aims more than reducing paper and plastic within companies, aims to be a warning to the current reality, to be a driver of greater environmental awareness and to awaken in each one the desire to take care of our planet.

Join us, and start making a difference today. Follow us on our social media to see all the photos from this amazing day... and become a Simplifier today.

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