Last week the Simplify team take part in a networking event organized by Demium Startups 🤓

They were very welcoming and we learned a lot about Startups, growth and received valuable tips.

Posted by Martinha Bacêlo on October 27, 2019 | Reading time 2 minutes

"Be the master of your own success"

The Demium team shared their experiences along the way and undoubtedly, the best way to learn is with those who have gone the same path and made the mistakes. They shared with us that a balanced team is fundamental as well as traction.

One of the most important pieces of advice was to “understand your why” - it’s the base in where the startups are created and where they grew from. Never forgot to think global and act local and above all: the commitment to the project, because, without that, you can't thrive.

We share below the top 10 mistakes that can lead to the death of a Startup, so you can learn as well:

  • Think like a very small company
  • Fall in love with your product
  • Planing to much
  • Not being clear about what problem are you solving
  • Pay attention to what customers pay and not the problem they have
  • Obsessing on the business plan
  • Not focus on the specific niches
  • Trying to scale up to early
  • Not having objective metrics
  • Validate the product without sales

demiumstartupstips In the end all participants gathered to take a selfie with Demium, Infraspeak and Founders Founders team.

So, if you are building a startup take into consideration all the tips above because that can determinate if your business can succeed or not. It was a very enriching experience and made our team think a lot and evaluate our work.

According to Demium this are the most common mistakes to avoid in a early stage startup.

If you have any question about this tips or just want to know more about it visit Demium's Website, they'll be glad to ear from you!